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The Main Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents: Insights from Car Accident Lawyers in Perth

Rear end motor vehicle accident


Motor vehicle accidents occur every day and can result in severe injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. Understanding the main causes of these accidents can help drivers stay vigilant and take preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crash. As experienced car accident lawyers in Perth, we have dealt with countless motor vehicle accident cases and identified the most common causes. In this article, we will discuss these causes to raise awareness and promote safer driving practices on the roads of Western Australia.

I. Distracted Driving

A. Mobile Phones and Devices

One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving, particularly due to the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Texting, calling, or using social media while driving is of course illegal because it takes the driver's focus away from the road, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

B. Eating, Drinking, and Other Distractions

Other forms of distracted driving include eating, drinking, adjusting the radio, or engaging in any activity that takes the driver's attention away from driving safely. It is essential to minimise distractions and always maintain focus on the road.

II. Speeding

A. Exceeding Speed Limits

Speeding is another common cause of motor vehicle accidents, as it reduces the driver's ability to react in time to unexpected events or hazards. Exceeding the posted speed limits significantly increases the risk of accidents and the severity of injuries sustained.

B. Driving Too Fast for the Relevant Conditions

Even when adhering to the speed limit, driving too fast for the current road, traffic, or weather conditions can also contribute to accidents. Drivers should always adjust their speed according to the circumstances and relevant road, traffic and weather conditions.

III. Driving Under the Influence

A. Alcohol and Drugs

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs severely hampers a driver's decision-making, responsiveness, and physical control, substantially increasing the probability of an accident occurring. As car accident lawyers in Perth, we fervently discourage driving under the influence and urge motorists to make conscientious decisions to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users.

B. Prescription Medication

Some prescription medications can also impair a person’s driving ability, leading to an increased risk of an accident. It is crucial to understand the side effects of any medication you are taking and consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure whether it is safe to drive while using a specific medication.

IV. Hostile Driving Behaviour and Road Rage Incidents

A. Tailgating and Unsafe Lane Changes

Aggressive driving behaviours, which include tailgating, making unsafe lane changes, or cutting off other drivers, can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Maintaining an appropriate distance from the vehicle ahead and staying aware of fellow motorists on the road are crucial steps in averting accidents.

B. Road Rage Incidents

Road rage incidents, where drivers lose their temper and engage in dangerous behaviour, can result in severe accidents. Staying calm and avoiding confrontations with other drivers can help to reduce the risk of road rage-related accidents.

V. Weather and Road Conditions

A. Rain, Fog, and Other Weather Conditions

Challenging weather conditions, including fog, rain and consequently wet or icy roads, can increase the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents. Drivers should take extra care and adjust their driving behaviours to accommodate for the reduced visibility and traction in these conditions.

B. Poor Road Maintenance

Potholes, uneven surfaces, and other road defects can also contribute to accidents, particularly if a driver is caught off-guard or attempts to swerve suddenly to avoid the hazard. Being vigilant and reporting any hazardous road conditions to Main Roads Western Australia can help to prevent accidents caused by poor road maintenance.

VI. Inexperienced Drivers

A. Lack of Driving Skills and Judgment

Inexperienced drivers, such as young or newly licensed drivers, may lack the necessary driving skills and judgment to navigate complex traffic situations effectively. This inexperience can result in motor vehicle accidents. Ensuring that learner and novice drivers receive adequate training and practice can help to minimize the risks associated with inexperience.

B. Overconfidence

Overconfidence can also contribute to accidents, as inexperienced drivers may underestimate the risks involved in certain driving behaviours or fail to recognize the potential consequences of their actions. Encouraging learner and novice drivers to maintain a cautious and responsible approach to driving can help to reduce accident risks.

VII. Fatigue and Drowsy Driving

A. Long Distance Driving and Sleep Deprivation

Fatigue and drowsy driving are significant factors in motor vehicle accidents, particularly among long-distance drivers or those suffering from sleep deprivation. Fatigue impairs reaction time, judgment, and overall driving performance, increasing the risk of an accident occurring.

B. Strategies to Combat Fatigue

To combat fatigue and drowsy driving, it is essential to take regular breaks, avoid driving during your body's natural low-energy periods (such as late at night or early in the morning), and ensure you get adequate sleep before undertaking a long journey.

VIII. Mechanical Failures and Vehicle Maintenance

A. Tyre Blowouts and Brake Failures

Mechanical failures, such as tyre blowouts or brake failures, can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Regular vehicle maintenance and inspections can help to identify and address any potential issues before they result in an accident.

B. Importance of Routine Maintenance

Staying up-to-date with routine vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes, tyre rotations, and brake inspections, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents caused by mechanical failures. Investing in the proper care of your vehicle is an essential aspect of safe driving.


By understanding the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, drivers can take steps to minimize their risks and promote safer driving practices. As car accident lawyers in Perth, we witness the consequences of these accidents daily and encourage all drivers to be proactive in ensuring the safety of themselves and others on the roads. By staying vigilant, avoiding distractions, and maintaining a responsible approach to driving, we can all work together to make our roads safer and reduce the prevalence of motor vehicle accidents in Western Australia.

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